There’s Good in Everything!

Since we’ve all been stuck in quarantine, I’m sure everyone has gone through some level of self-reflection. Personally, for me, I was thinking about the topic of food allergies as it is such a huge part of our lives. Ever since all this quarantine and virus talk blew up, I’ve been trying to find some good news in every little thing. So, I started reflecting on my allergies. The first positive thing I thought of was that it made me stronger. Whether it be recovering from a reaction (mentally and physically), speaking up for myself in front of others, or undergoing Oral Immunotherapy (a battle which I will never forget). When you have food allergies, you go through a lot, that’s a fact. But how you turn out after you go through everything is truly a reward. I am so much more mentally stronger and I just have this feeling like I can go through anything that might come at me. Looking back at my journey through food allergies, I notice how much I have grown as a person and how much that will benefit me in my future. Another thing I am thankful for my food allergies is my self-control. Dealing with so many dietary restrictions and sitting in a restaurant filled with amazing-looking food right in front of you and not being able to try even one bite, takes a LOT of control. And I’m sure so many of you have also dealt with that. And you know what, self-control is such an important thing for one to have, and we are naturally forced to obtain it and we don’t even have to work for it! Lastly, food allergies gave me the ability to speak out and help the world. Food allergies gave me a boost in my passion to help others. After starting FAY, I see how much I can inspire and support others, and it truly warms my heart. So, one piece of advice I would give all of you is to take the time to think about your journey and how food allergies made a POSITIVE impact on your life. I promise you’ll come up with something! Thank you to everyone who read this and I hope it made your day a little brighter. Stay strong and stay safe!