Being a teen with food allergies is not easy! Teens are limited to eating only at certain restaurants or even only eating food from home. If the family is eating out, they have to sit there while their family eats dinner, which is not fun! Just imagine if you are a teen and got invited to your friend’s birthday party at a restaurant that you cannot eat it. You either have to go and just sit there (which could be understandably embarrassing) or just skip the party, where you may feel left out. Another problem that teens may encounter with this condition is anxiety. Having food allergies is nerve-racking. So to have stress about school, sports, friends, and this risky medical condition can give children nervousness, which is another great reason why teens should interact with FAY. If teens discuss with the peers their own age, they may feel more comforted and feel that there are people just like them out there in this complicated world!