Hey everyone! I’m Jiya <3

Our Vision

There are an extreme number of kids and youth who suffer from the condition of food allergies. It is necessary that we, as youth, speak up on this condition and how it affects us. Food allergies are a huge part of our lives, a part of every single meal we eat. One wrong ingredient put into a meal and our lives can be at stake. It is significant that we, as youth peers, are able to support each other and fight this. We can ask and answer questions for each other, and just give reassurance to one another. Being a lot of people do not understand what we go through, we can unite to spread awareness as well as help and learn more about each other.

Our Story

I, myself, have suffered from food allergies for a very long time now. I have observed all of the different types of people who have also gone through some of the same things I have from this condition. One thing that stuck out to me the most, is how food allergies affect the children and the youth, and I would like to bring awareness to that by uniting all of the fellow youth who have also suffered from food allergies. It is important to signify what we are going through and try to make our problems together.