Below are a few questions that are commonly asked about FAY. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask on the blog or our Instagram!

How do you plan on bringing your information to teens?

FAY is an Instagram (and Facebook) page to reach out to teens and offer the support they may need in dealing with food allergies!

What are your goals?

Our aim is to encourage teens and youth to speak out about their experiences with food allergies and raise awareness of this issue as well as its cures!

Why are you choosing to raise awareness from the youth perspective?

FAY is choosing to raise awareness from a teen/youth point of view to give other children and parents comfort about this serious condition. We feel as though there is not enough information about food allergies and there is a lot left to educate the public about, especially from a young adult's perspective. Teens are greatly limited due to food allergies such as not being able to go to parties, hang out with friends, as well as not having the opportunity to try new foods that are appealing to them. If we (as teens) unite to support each other, educate others, and attempt to find solutions to the struggles that we have undergone or are going through, we can definitely bring some extra positivity into our lives, even with this condition!