Living With Food Allergies in Quarantine

It can be very difficult living with food allergies in isolation. It is scary because hospitals aren’t even the safest places to go right now. As a teen. there have been a whirlwind of emotions. Since I have undergone Oral Immunotherapy for my allergies, I have to intake a maintenance dose daily so that I am safe to freely eat. Recently, seasonal allergies have been a struggle for me as well as many people I know. A couple of weeks ago, I had just taken my dose when my throat began to feel clogged and I felt like I couldn’t swallow. I panicked, as any kid would, and was very close to taking the epipen. We paused and decided to take benadryl first as it wasn’t severe enough, that way we wouldn’t have to go to the hospital, which is terrifying. Thankfully, the benadryl dosage was enough. Now how does this relate to seasonal allergies? Well, I think my post-nasal drip was acting up that day and casused all this commotion. From that day on, I began taking less of my dose to be on the safe side. All this commotion, made me a little more stressed than the average teen. This made me think that there are so many kids living with this right now, just like me. If I can offer support to just one person, that would be amazing. So please feel free to reach out and contact me if you’re a teen or anyone with food allergies so we can help each other during these trying times.

(if you are undergoing or have been through ORAL IMMUNOTHERAPY and want to feel calm and get the nervousness out after you take your dose, I recommend going to FAY’s Youtube channel: Food Allergy Youth, and listening to our meditation. For those of you who watched, thank you so much for 1.7k views and all the support. Just a teen trying to help people out and spread awareness for a cause near and dear to my heart. Stay safe all!!