What Kindness Means to A Person with Food Allergies

By: Jiya

Understanding this condition, as an outsider, demands the constant need for compassion. Oftentimes, people with food allergies are surrounded by amazing people in their life who know how to keep them safe, but showing kindness to a person with food allergies is another topic in itself. There are numerous “little” things you can do or offer to a person with this condition, which will make them overflow with gratitude. Knowing and being aware of someone with food allergies’ condition is the first step to making them feel safe and supported. But sometimes, living with this condition can be physically and emotionally exhausting, since food-allergic individuals do not have “a day off”. Luckily, there are things you can do to make people with food allergies feel brighter and make them feel valued by showing them kindness! So if you would like to take your empathy and positivity-spreading to the next level check out the tips below!

  1. If you are dining out with a person with food allergies, ask them what restaurant they feel the safest at or that they are able to eat at, which will allow them to not have to pack their own meals. Sometimes, in a group, if there is only one person with an allergy, the food allergic individual may feel as though they do not want to stop everyone from eating at a certain place, which forces them to bring their own food. Instead, if the food allergic person is consulted about what safe options are out there for them, they will feel cared for and appreciate that you thought about their desire to enjoy food as well!
  2. Everyone needs listeners sometimes, including people with food allergies. If you notice that someone with this condition has been out of the loop, or has been looking very anxious recently, reach out to them and ask what may be wrong. Food allergies cause mental, emotional, and physical burdens on individuals and sometimes ranting about everything helps release some of the frustration that naturally comes along with all of that. In addition, venting makes the person with food allergies feel as though someone is going to be there for them throughout the tough challenges which can be really comforting.
  3. People with food allergies are ALWAYS on the lookout for new allergy-friendly finds whether it be restaurants or products at the grocery store, so if you find any allergy-free meals or snacks refer them over to your food-allergic friend! They will be so thrilled to see that someone has taken interest in their constant frenzy of finding safe foods to eat and appreciative that someone is helping them out! Reading labels can sometimes be a grueling task, so taking into consideration that you took the time out of your day to search for those safe products while rummaging through the tiny-sized words on an ingredient list, greatly highlights your compassion!