The Idea of Epi-pens as Lifesavers

The idea of using an epi-pen is terrifying for everyone, including myself. A lot of teens probably fear it and I want to make them feel like they aren’t alone. There were a couple of times where I was told that I may have to use it while I was having an allergic reaction, and my anxiety increased right away, stimulating the reaction even more. Thankfully, I didn’t have to use it those times. But now, it makes me realize how much just the thought of having to use it affected me. It is normal to be scared of it as it is the last option you use when your life is in danger, and nobody likes that idea. But, why don’t we all try to look at epi-pens like lifesavers? I know the fear is extremely hard to get rid of in our minds, but we can all try! Think of epi-pens like a lifesaver ring. It is used to save your life when you are in danger. When you use it, you are probably going to get better, not worse. Based on my research, the effects of it are almost immediate. So today’s main message I would like for you all to take away is to not be scared of epi-pens, but think of them like life-savers in a positive way!