Eating Healthy With Food Allergies

This is a topic that I have not seen a lot of people in the food allergy community share and I am so excited to address it! Throughout the past year or so and especially in quarantine, I have tried eating healthy. All the time, I would run into the issue of having limitations. A lot of healthy recipes/protein bars include tree nuts like walnut, pecan, cashews, etc. All of those nuts have tons of proteins in them, but a lot of people with food allergies are allergic to them too. Even though I have done OIT now, I still do not want to feed my body with an excessive amount of nuts. I had similar confusion due to my sesame allergy. Sesame is also a type of seed, so I was always fearful of trying out different foods like chia seeds, flax seeds, etc. A lot of recipes use hummus (with vegetables like carrots), which contain sesame, the actual allergen. People that are allergic to eggs cannot get the nutrition from egg whites or scrambled eggs that many people eat for breakfast. Before doing OIT, plenty of healthy recipes online had scrambled eggs included in the breakfast portion. I wasn’t able to have that, so I was super confused about what to eat to be healthy. Personally, I feel that websites that list healthy recipes should also include a section that contains allergy-free ones. I know that people with food allergies could eat just a salad, or make a fruit smoothie but having more than one option like everyone else would be more enjoyable! Plus, some people are allergic to fruits as well! Be sure to leave a comment if you have experienced this issue or even found some solutions for it!