Food Allergies and Disney

By Jiya

I have had food allergies for my whole entire life. Out of all the places that I have eaten out at, I have felt safest and had the best service when eating out at Disney owned restaurants. Disney offers so many allergy-friendly foods as well as allergy-free alternatives for your favorite meals! I have been to the Disney theme parks and a Disney cruise with my long list of allergies to eggs, sesame, and all tree nuts. For the Disney cruise, we had to let the directors know in advance of our allergies as well as the fact that we would be taking our Oral Immunotherapy doses on the ship. They even did so much as to ordering and storing a personal carton of milk with the specified brand just for our dose! Right after we boarded the ship, we met with the head chefs and they helped us pre-plan our meals Some of the allergy-friendly meals they created that really stood out to me were their pasta, ice cream topped with caramel and graham cracker crumble, lava cake, and pizza all made without eggs, sesame, and tree nuts! Disney truly made me feel that, with a little twist, I could also enjoy foods that people without food allergies ate! My family and I have never felt more cared for and included. They even have a special kitchen that they make your food in so that there is no chance of cross-contamination present. In fact, I ate a donut for the first time (allergy-friendly of course) at a Disney theme park resort! If you’re ever hesitant to go on a vacation with your food allergies, Disney could provide you with that much needed stress-free and relaxing getaway!