Epi-pen Bags: Complicated, But Very Necessary

By: Jiya

I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have to carry some sort of a bag or carrier everywhere I went. When I was a bit younger, sometimes, I didn’t feel like carrying my “epi-pen” bag. For example, when I would go with my friends outside for a walk per se, I had to carry a whole backpack with me, while they all only carried their cell phones in their hands. Other times, it would be a hassle. If I had gone to the beach, I had to make sure that it would stay out of the heat and in a shady spot. For similar reasons, I couldn’t forget it in the car for too long. I am now starting to realize that the unwillingness to carry the bag could have also been due to becoming tired from maintaining the epi-pens every single day. For me, I think finding the right carrier was really helpful in feeling confident as well as safe with my epi-pens right by my side. Personally, I carry a backpack purse and it’s the perfect size for all my medicines and it looks great too! From this, I would like everyone to take away the idea that it is okay to express the inconveniences we all have while managing our food allergies, and epi-pens can be a HUGE part of it. Now, there are so many new and amazing products out there for carrying epi-pens that I cannot wait to explore and see how those products are helpful to solving problems that people with allergies may run into!