A Sneaky Friendsgiving

When I was a bit younger, I was invited to a Friendsgiving party (Thanksgiving but for friends). At first, I immediately became hesitant and did not wish to go. But, as I thought it through my parents and I decided it was best for me to learn how to deal with my allergies by myself, with friends in, of course, a safe way. I talked to my friends in advance and made sure that they were aware of my allergies and to avoid using my allergens. I even communicated with guests and double-checked that they were not bringing any allergenic potluck items that may be harmful to me. I went in feeling as secure I could be, carrying two packs of epi-pens just in case. During mealtime, my anxiety kicked in. Luckily, I had eaten dinner before coming in case I didn’t feel like trying the foods at the event. I had my doubts about a few of the items, but I felt ashamed if I didn’t eat anything (this is where the comedy comes into play). My close friend was sitting next to me at the dining table and I let her know that I didn’t think it was safe enough for me to eat the served items, so I came up with a plan. I obtained very little food onto my plate and gradually throughout the dinner passed the food to her underneath the table. The root of all these actions was my anxiety and that is okay to experience. But, if you learn one thing from reading about this experience, please take away the fact that you don’t have to hide your emotions as I did, and it’s okay to tell others how you truly feel. After all, your safety is what a friend cares about, so they will most likely be very understanding!